Dick Liquor Store

"It's just the name of a liquor store."

Dick Liquor Selection


Domestic, import and crafts! We have a wide selection for any taste buds for any occasion. We offer "Build-A-6-Pack" as well. You pick and choose your 6 favorite singles to bring home with you.


Mini-shots or mixers. Tequila to vodka. Even special flavored liquor, you'll find them at our store. Forgot chasers? We have The Store Next Door filled with soda to complete your concoctions. 


For any occasion, celebration or for dinner, our selection of wine is hard to beat. We offer non-alcoholic wine for those who enjoy the taste. Call ahead and we'll make sure to put your favorite wine in our cooler so it's chilled for you when it's the end of your work day.

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Dick Liquor Store

1509 S Santa Fe Ave, Chanute, Kansas 66720, United States



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